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“Sacred Art of Nepal”

: Mr. Min Bahadur Shakya
: Federation of Handicraft Associations of Nepal
: 1st 2000 copies in 2000 A.D
: 1
: US$ 30.00

The book accounts regarding the information of the Paubha (Newar) and Thanka (Ethnic Tibetan) the scroll painting which are being produced and growing very fast these days but the quality of it has been deteriorating day by day as the new generation of artist themselves are found not well aware of Nepalese style, the history, meaning of Paubha / Thanka and method of traditional paintings. On the other hand people interested in Paubha and Thanka are confused about newar Paubha and Tibetan Thanka. The book is brought into existence to arouse a global awareness of the fact that newar Paubha is predecessor to Tibetan Thanka and is proposed to make aware the new generation of artist, collector, general people interested in painting about the history of Nepalese art, meaning of Paubha / Thanka, method of traditional painting through the descriptive script and photo graphs and pictures of Paubha and Thanka prepared by prominent Nepalese Thanka writers.

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