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“Artistic Heritage of Nepal”

: Mr. Yadi Ratna Bajracharya
: Federation of Handicraft Associations of Nepal
: 1st 1500 copies in 1998
: 1
: US$ 10.00

The art and architecture exhibiting craftsmanship and skills of inhabitants of Kathmandu valley have won an international fame. The wrathful looking and peaceful images of different deities, stupas, vihars, temples are very interesting and appraised much. The preparation and construction of these have been based on the principle and philosophy of Bajrayan, Mahayan and Vastukala. It had been found successful to benefit millions of local people with job opportunities then. But as the western art and architecture get the access to the country our aged old craftsmanship and architecture began to deteriorate and disappear slowly because our young artisans are attracted toward to western art and architecture. On the other hand our traditional craftsmanship had not been lettered in black and white to pursue.
The present book has attempted to avail all artistic designs, countenances images drawing and sketches based on traditional art and culture which can be applied in the product of wood, metal stone respectively by those who are interested having the knowledge and skills through the book even these days to preserve, conserve and continue our aged old traditional and heritage.

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