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Major Handicrafts

Products Description
Bags & Accessories : Purses, hand bag, travel bag and the like made from cloth and Leather
Basketry Products : Various types of products made from bamboo and cane split, stem or root.
Ceramics : Glazed and non glazed Earthenware
Christmas Decorations : Ornaments products meant for decorating Christmas tree made from textile, metal and clay.
Contemporary Paintings : Paintings using sketch and colors on canvas and other materials
Craft Paintings : Paintings using wheat/ rice bran/ stem, waste thread and other materials.
Crazy/ Fancy Hats : Hats with symbolic impression like flags, animals and other specially meant for big sporting events.
Ethnic Dolls : Dolls & Puppets of Nepalese culture made of cloth, clay and wood.
Ethnic Garments : Garments of traditional design.
Filigree Products : Decorative articles such as animals, charm boxes made of brass, copper, white metal and silver with wire works and studded with stones.
Giftware : Small items made from different materials basically useful for offering gift.
Hand Knitwear : Articles made of hand – knitting such as pullovers, sweaters, mufflers, socks, legwarmers, caps
Handloom Products : Cotton cloth woven with non-mechanized handlooms.
Handmade paper Products : Products made of Lokta (Daphne Papyracea of thymalaeceae family) such as stationary, lampshade, wall paper, wrapping paper, bag, gift items etc.
Home Furnishing : Bed covers, bed linens and the like using block/ screen printing, Embroidery, crochet and similar skills.
Horn & Bone Products : Buttons, cufflinks and other decorative articles
Incense : Various circular & square type elongated boxes made copper, brass and other metals used for storing incenses
Leather Goods : Products made of goat skin and water buffalo leather
Macramé (Knot craft) : Knot craft Products
Metal craft (Statue) : Icons based on Buddhism and Hinduism, made of coppers, bronze, silver and gold as basic raw materials with chisel works.
Metal craft (Utensil) : Utensils and garden articles made through hammering and casting such as flower vas, singing bowl, bell, cymbals, wine jars, cups and so on.
Natural Buttons : Buttons made from small tree branch, stone, bone and horn.
Natural Fiber Products : Apparel and non-apparel products made from hemp, nettle and similar indigenous plants.
Pashmina Goods : Articles made of pashmina (fine goat hair) such as shawls, mufflers, sweaters
Paubha (Thanka) : Sacred scroll paintings on cloth/ paper, based on Buddhist and Hindu religious scriptures.
Puzzles & Toys : Wooden toys and puzzles for growing children.
Religious Goods : Bell, Vajra and other different objects, items used for religious ceremony of Buddhism and Hinduism.
Silver Jewelry : With / Without semi-precious stones such as earring, ring, bracelet, pendent, bangles with minimum of 92.5% purity.
Stone Carving : Statues, decorative and utility products made of stones.
Wood carving : Products made of various types of wood such as door panels, figures of gods & goddesses, replicas of famous windows, imitations of temples/ monuments and many decorative/ utility articles, with hand carving.

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