Federation of Handicraft Associations of Nepal

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Name M.No. Category Contact person
Association for Craft Producers 798 INDUSTRY Meera Bhattrai Detail
Asta Mangal Art and Craft 2970 INDUSTRY Anandabir Bajracharya Detail
Astha Pashmina And Handicraft Ind. 2786 INDUSTRY Ramesh Timshina Detail
Austha Mangal 3060 INDUSTRY Urgen Lama Detail
B&B Gold & Silver Craft P.Ltd. 1779 INDUSTRY Bal Krishna Asharpati Detail
B.L Handicraft P. Ltd. 3081 INDUSTRY Bikram Tamang Detail
Bagmati Hastakala Udyog 2866 INDUSTRY Eak Lal Rajkarnikar Detail
Bagmati Paper Udyog P. Ltd. 1227 INDUSTRY Naresh Lal Shrestha Detail
Baikuntha Kalatmak Kastha Udyog 71 INDUSTRY Gopal Krishna Silpakar Detail
Bajra Handicraft 3267 INDUSTRY Rajendra Bajracharya Detail
Bajra Handicraft International 3195 INDUSTRY Suresh Lama Detail
Bajra Handicraft Udhyog 2368 INDUSTRY Raju Bajracharya Detail
Bajrayogini Pashmina Pvt. Ltd. 1745 INDUSTRY Vishnu Raj Pandey Detail
Bandana Dhaka Kapada Tatha Handicraft Udhyog 3086 INDUSTRY Ram Bahadur Nepal Detail
Beads Home 2742 INDUSTRY Rohit Ahmed Detail
Betterfelt NP P.Ltd. 3223 INDUSTRY Prakash Maharjan Detail
Bhaktapur Craft Paper Ltd. 1152 INDUSTRY Jyoti Tuladhar Detail
Bhawani Pashmina Khasto Udyog 1301 INDUSTRY Gyan Bahadur Shrestha Detail
Bidhyadhari Handicraft 1848 INDUSTRY Babu Kaji Maharjan Detail
Bidhyadhari Hastakala Centre 2857 INDUSTRY Babu Raja Maharjan Detail

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