Federation of Handicraft Associations of Nepal

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Name M.No. Category Contact person
Babu Raja Tamrakar 441 INDIVIDUAL Babu Raja Tamrakar Detail
Bajra Bahadur Shilpakar 1513 INDIVIDUAL Bajra Bahadur Shilpakar Detail
Bal Krishna Tuladhar 2210 INDIVIDUAL Bal Krishna Tuladhar Detail
Balram Ghatani 2323 INDIVIDUAL Balram Ghatani Detail
Basanta Raj Shakya 2989 INDIVIDUAL Basanta Raj Shakya Detail
Bashanta Man Shakya 269 INDIVIDUAL Bashanta Man Shakya Detail
Bekha Krishna Shrestha 1660 INDIVIDUAL Bekha Krishna Shrestha Detail
Bekha Ratna Shakya 760 INDIVIDUAL Bekha Ratna Shakya Detail
Bekha Ratna Shakya 1259 INDIVIDUAL Bekha Ratna Shakya Detail
Bhaju Ratna Shakya 761 INDIVIDUAL Bhaju Ratna Shakya Detail
Bhim Prashad Tamrakar 236 INDIVIDUAL Bhim Prashad Tamrakar Detail
Bhim Shakya 3185 INDIVIDUAL Bhim Shakya Detail
Bhoj Ratna Shakya 874 INDIVIDUAL Bhoj Ratna Shakya Detail
Bibendra Prashad Singh Dangol 1740 INDIVIDUAL Bibendra Prashad Singh Dongol Detail
Bijaya Ratna Shakya 2946 INDIVIDUAL Bijaya Ratna Shakya Detail
Bijeeta Bajracharya 2941 INDIVIDUAL Bijeeta Bajracharya Detail
Bikash Shakya 1644 INDIVIDUAL Bikash Shakya Detail
Bikash Shakya 2044 INDIVIDUAL Bikash Shakya Detail
Bikram Prajapati 1943 INDIVIDUAL Bikram Prajapati Detail
Biku Lal Tamrakar 177 INDIVIDUAL Biku Lal Tamrakar Detail

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