Federation of Handicraft Associations of Nepal

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Name M.No. Category Contact person
Ajaya Muni Bajracharya 2276 INDIVIDUAL Ajaya Muni Bajracharya Detail
Akkal Bahadur Thapa 2287 INDIVIDUAL Akkal Bahadur Thapa Detail
Amar Raj Tamrakar 331 INDIVIDUAL Amar Raj Tamrakar Detail
Amir Man Dangol 3217 INDIVIDUAL Amir Man Dangol Detail
Amir Shakya 3143 INDIVIDUAL Amir Shakya Detail
Amit Shakya 1845 INDIVIDUAL Amit Shakya Detail
Amrit Lal Silpakar 416 INDIVIDUAL Amrit Lal Silpakar Detail
Ananda Krishna Tamrakar 440 INDIVIDUAL Ananda Krishna Tamrakar Detail
Ananda Ratna Dhakhwa 1505 INDIVIDUAL Ananda Ratna Dhakhwa Detail
Anil Tamrakar 1952 INDIVIDUAL Anil Tamrakar Detail
Anita Bhandari 2942 INDIVIDUAL Anita Bhandari Detail
Anoj Shakya 2948 INDIVIDUAL Anoj Shakya Detail
Anu Maharjan 2726 INDIVIDUAL Anu Maharjan Detail
Anuj Shakya 2584 INDIVIDUAL Anuj Shakya Detail
Ardit Maharjan 2387 INDIVIDUAL Ardit Maharjan Detail
Ashok Shakya 1890 INDIVIDUAL Ashok Shakya Detail
Asta Man Maharjan 3068 INDIVIDUAL Asta Man Maharjan Detail
Asta Man Shakya 256 INDIVIDUAL Asta Man Shakya Detail
Ayodhya Jang Rajbhandari 2894 INDIVIDUAL Ayodhya Jang Rajbhandari Detail
Babu Raja Bajracharya 1796 INDIVIDUAL Babu Raja Bajracharya Detail

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